1. Pre-primary: For Nursery and K.G.


Alphabets (A – Z) are introduced for the sake of recognition of letters and correct pronunciation (phonetically).

In KG the children are introduced to two and three letter words, their pronunciation and written representation.


Develops child’s ability to recognize and write basic numbers (1 – 50).

In KG numbers are added (1 – 100). The concept of big/small, more/less etc. with a clear perspective of shapes is taken up.


Awareness of the environment and child’s perspective towards Self, School, Family, Cleanliness, Manners, Birds, Animals, Water, Our Helpers, Seasons etc.


From KG onwards: Begins with recognition of letters, pronunciation and use in the form of simple words and sentences.

Art & Craft:

Covers a creative and wonderful world of colours

Teaching – Learning Strategies

• Activity Based: Child friendly activities
• Creative Art & Craft activities
• Puppets – use of puppetry to conduct classes
• Songs, Rhymes


• To develop clarity in speech
• To develop clarity of thought and expression
• To develop ability to reason
• Development of motor skills

Value Based Education

• Importance of values are kept in mind while preparing and designing lessons.
• Begins with morning assembly – where prayers, rhymes, exercises and celebration of special days are conducted.
• Moving on to the daily snacks time where cleanliness, hygiene and manners are focused.

2. Primary: Classes I to V

Teaching – Learning Strategies

Teaching learning strategies revolve around the concept of learning by doing in an open uninhibited environment that allows the freedom of thought and action.


Focus is on building basic skills and also developing the sense of fair judgment and above all love and compassion for one and all.

3. Middle: Classes VI to VIII

Teaching – Learning Strategies Methods

Teachers are using a wide range of methods to promote interaction during regular class periods. These methods include traditional textbook method supplemented by discussions and practical work. Experimentation and lecture methods are mainly adopted for teaching Language I & II, Maths, General Science. Social science periods are made interesting by making use of project work and frequent use of timeline to correlate events. Language periods are blended with group discussions etc.

Developing Intellectual Climate

In classes VI-VIII for bright and above average students’ strategy of brain storming is applied.

Activity Based Learning

To facilitate learning, science and social science workshops, Debate clubs and Understanding Quiz are organized.


This includes holistic development of the child such as the mental, physical, emotional and psychic and spiritual development, scientific temperament amongst studies etc.

Value Based Education

Every institution has an ideology which is the building block of its system. Which means every student aims to become:
• Progressive by nature
• Strides towards perfection
• Always aims high
• Tries to achieve his aims by honesty and integrity.

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